In the past few weeks we've received a number of emails regarding his music, as well as many questions regarding his behaviour and life. It's the rare week where we do not have something in the news about him, so we've decided to compile this set of links for your perusal. We hope you enjoy! The Zappa Rules Of Fun Onstage At The Uptown Theatre The Zappa Invites Onstage Video Archive Two of the greatest rock guitarists in the world hit the stage for a one night only... Get in touch with his ambition. A page dedicated to garrulous, over-eager, soft-spoken, over-thought, nerdy rock music genius Frank Zappa Review of The Jazz Book How Much Did Frank Zappa Know Sound Collage, No. 11, 1960? Sound Collage Episode 1: Frank Zappa Roots In Rhythm And Black Music

We Heart Zappa